Preparing for Surgery- UVA Outpatient Surgery Center Handbook


Thank you for choosing us for your surgery. We are here to provide you and your family with safe, high-quality healthcare.

  • The nurse will begin making calls (3) days before your surgery. Please be sure we know the best phone number to use to contact you.
  • The nurse will be available to give your instructions and arrival time until 6:00pm on the day before your surgery.  Call 434-982-3107 if you have not received a call by noon the day before your surgery.  Please leave a voice mail and the nurse will call you back. 
  • Between 6:00pm and 5:30am call 434-924-0000 ask for the Resident on call for the Surgeon’s name above.

·        On the day of your surgery, if you have a cold, cough, fever or flu symptoms, please call 434-982-6100. Staff arrives at 5:30am.  If you get voice mail, please leave a message.

Please follow instructions in the section checked below:

[]You do NOT need an anesthesia assessment prior to surgery; please go to OPSC on day of surgery.

[]You need to have a WALK-IN assessment prior to surgery at the Pre-anesthesia Evaluation and Testing Center (PETC), located in the Main UVA Hospital Lobby at 1215 Lee Street, Charlottesville VA.

PETC is open Monday-Friday 8am-5:30 pm, Wednesday 9am-5:30 pm.

  • This is a walk-in clinic; please allow 2 hours; Plan ahead with food, drink, medical equipment, etc.
  • If you are unable to come to the PETC appointment, you must contact your surgeon. Failure to visit PETC and have an assessment may result in cancellation of your surgery.

[]You need to have a PHONE assessment (which usually takes 30 minutes) before surgery and DO NOT need to go to PETC. Please be sure we know how to reach you. A nurse will call you before your surgery date. Please let us know the best phone number to use to reach you.



NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES AFTER MIDNIGHT; this includes gum and tobacco.

You MAY have only the following up to TWO HOURS before your ARRIVAL time:

  • Gatorade
  • Water
  • Apple juice
  • Pedialyte


You will be given specific instructions for medications to be taken on the day of your surgery.


  • You MUST have a responsible adult with you on the day of surgery.
  • You may NOT DRIVE after surgery or sedation.
  • Follow any special instructions given by your surgeon including how to shower the day before surgery.
  • Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that will be easy to put on after surgery.


¨ Glasses/contact lens/hearing aid cases (if you use them)

¨ Advance Directive (if you have a completed one or we can give you a blank form)

¨ CPAP machine (if you have a diagnosis of sleep apnea)

¨ Please remove all jewelry prior to arrival

Do not bring any valuables; we are not responsible for lost or damaged electronics or belongings


  • Each time we care for you we will check your armband and verify your identity (name and date of birth).
  • Your Surgical Consent form should be reviewed with you and signed showing your agreement to the surgery; understanding of the need for the surgery; and the risks.
  • We will verify what surgery you are having and location. If surgery involves right or left, your physician will mark the site on your body.
  • A time–out check is completed in the OR before surgery to confirm the correct patient, correct procedure and correct location (site).
  • Please feel free to ask all our team members if they washed their hands. We prevent infections by careful hand washing as well as the provision of antibiotics and/or surgical scrub (if needed).

Please come to 11th Street Garage, Level C, on day of surgery.