UVA Telemedicine Virtual Visit Through MyChart

 UVA Telemedicine Virtual Visit Through MyChart 

Thank you for scheduling a Telemedicine Virtual Visit with your UVA provider. If you are new to virtual visits, please review the following before your first visit.

Refer to the “General Information about Virtual Visits Sheet” for basic information about telemedicine virtual visits.  Please note that you may receive a bill for this visit just like any other visit.

How do I prepare for a successful virtual visit?

Important: If you are having trouble with your test, call the MyChart Help Desk (434-243-2500). If you still have trouble, call the clinic to discuss other options.


The day of your appointment

  • Prepare for your visit
    • Take Vital signs (e.g. weight, temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate)
    • Create a Medication List and note any questions for the provider
    • Wear loose, comfortable clothing to show rashes, wounds or other areas
    • Ask others to stop using the internet during your visit to ensure connection strength (e.g. online video games, online classes, watching online videos, etc.)
  • Start Virtual Visit (15-30 minutes before scheduled appointment):
    • Go to the location where you tested your connection for the video visit
    • Others can be present during your visit, as long as you are comfortable sharing personal medical information in front of them
    • Log into MyChart
    • Select “Begin Visit” under appointment details in MyChart
    • At the beginning of your visit, introduce anyone who is with you to the provider
    • Speak directly at the microphone during the visit