How to Join a Telemedicine Virtual Visit Using the MyChart App on a Mobile Device

 Karen S. Rheuban Center for Telehealth

How to Join a telemedicine Virtual Visit Using

the MyChart App on a Mobile Device 

This tip sheet will walk you through the process of connecting to your Virtual Visit from your MyChart app (Apple App Store, Google Play Store).  

If you have any MyChart questions or trouble following these instructions, call the MyChart Help Desk 434-243-2500.


1. Connect at least 10-15 minutes before your appointment
2. Log into your MyChart App

3.  Scroll down to your Activities and select Appointments.  


4.  Find and click on your telemedicine visit.  



5.  Review Visit Instructions 
6.  When ready click Begin Visit.

7. The virtual visit will launch in a web browser

8.  When prompted, allow all access requested through pop-up notifications
  • Note: Your visit will NOT be recorded, but allowing recording is required for this type of video connection



9. While waiting for appointment to start, Test Video and Test Audio

  • If test fails, follow instructions to allow microphone and camera access
  • Call your clinic if you still have difficulties



10.  Tools to use during visit:
    • The function bar is a row of buttons along the bottom of the video screen (i.e. Mute Microphone, Mute Video, Share Screen, Participant List, Exit Meeting).
    • Flip Camera button is in top left corner


         Mircrophone is On when BLACK         Video is ON when Blue 


 11. Once you’re ready to exit the visit, click the Red X at the bottom of your screen.   


 12. If your provider leaves the visit briefly, your screen will look like this. WAIT ON THIS SCREEN UNTIL YOUR PROVIDER REJOINS THE MEETING 

 13. If you accidentally leave the visit, you can rejoin by selecting “Rejoin Meeting” OR selecting the “Begin Visit” button under appointments (Step 5).