Easy to Chew and Swallow Diet

Easy To Chew and Swallow Diet

Why Do I Need This Diet?

You may need to follow this diet after you have a stent placed in your GI tract, or for some other reason. Foods suggested in this handout are easy to swallow and will pass easily through a stented area.

General Guidelines

  • Cook foods so that they are moist, soft, and easily swallowed.
  • Chew all of your food very well, more times than you normally would.
  • Eat slowly and take small bites.
  • Eat 5-6 small meals per day if needed, instead of 3 big meals.
  • Sit upright while you eat and stay upright for 30-60 minutes after eating.
  • If food ever feels stuck in your throat, take a couple sips of your beverage. This will help the food move along. You may want to repeat this throughout the day, especially before and after each meal.

Commercial Nutritional Supplements

Note:  we do not recommend any brands or stores.  Below are examples.

  • If you are having trouble keeping your weight up, you may need to drink shakes as snacks or in place of meals. You can buy these or make them at home.
  • Boost®, Ensure®,  or store brand equivalents (Kroger, Food Lion, Walmart, Target, and Costco      all have their own) are all good options. Look for the word “Plus” on the      label if you need more calories.
  • Carnation® Instant Breakfast powder or equivalent store brand made with whole milk is a good      alternative too, and usually cheaper.
  • For more calories in a smaller amount of volume, you can order Mighty Shakes® from www.homecarenutrition.com,  or Boost® Very High Calorie from Amazon.com or other online      retailers

Food   Group

Good Choices

Bad Choices

Bread and Starches

  •   Cooked cereals
  •   Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes,   yams
  •   Baked potato without skin
  •   Soft, moist rice
  •   Noodles, macaroni, spaghetti
  •   Dry cereals softened in milk
  •   Pancakes and waffles softened with   syrup/butter
  •   Crackers or breads added to soups
  •   Hard bread with thick crust
  •   Dry cereals without milk
  •   Potato chips, pretzels
  •   Popcorn
  •   Crackers


  •   Any that are cooked soft or   pureed. They should be “fork-tender.”
  •   Strained baby vegetables
  •   Raw vegetables or any that are not   cooked as described here.


  •   All juices
  •   All canned fruits
  •   Peeled bananas, peaches, plums
  •   Cooked apples, pears, etc.
  •   Stewed dried fruits
  •   Strained baby fruit


  •   Fresh fruits with skins
  •   Dried fruits

Meat and Proteins

  •   Soft cooked eggs
  •   Tofu
  •   Casseroles
  •   Moist fish
  •   Stewed meat or poultry that is   fork tender
  •   Strained baby meats
  •   All other meats must be bite-size   or ground.
  •   Add gravy to any meat for moisture
  •   Dry poultry, like fried or baked   chicken
  •   Crunchy fish or shellfish
  •   Peanut butter
  •   All tough red and white meats

Dairy Products

  •   Milk – all kinds
  •   Yogurt, custard, ice cream
  •   Soft or melted cheeses
  •   Cottage cheese, cream cheese
  •   Ice cream or yogurt with chunks of   fruit or nuts


  •   Butter, margarine, sour cream
  •   Salad dressings, mayonnaise
  •   Avocado
  •   Gravy
  •   Whipping cream, half and half
  •   Bacon
  •   Nuts
  •   Deep fried, crispy food


  •   Sherbet, ice cream, Italian ice,   frozen yogurt
  •   Gelatin, pudding, mousse, custard
  •   All cake type desserts
  •   Cookies
  •   Pie crust
  •   Any dry desserts
  •   Desserts containing nuts or skins


Sample Meals




Cereal   softened with whole milk, canned fruit. Orange juice to drink.

Creamed   or vegetable soup, applesauce with cinnamon and sugar. Ice tea to drink.

Ground   chicken with gravy, mashed potatoes with butter/cheese, soft green beans.   Milk to drink.

Scrambled   eggs made with cheese and butter. Coffee to drink with cream and sugar.

Egg   salad/tuna salad on soft, crustless, buttered bread, melon. Lemonade to   drink.

Macaroni   and cheese, “bite-sized” hot dog with ketchup/mustard, baked beans. Ice tea   to drink.

Oatmeal   made with whole milk, yogurt, and banana. Grape juice to drink.

Ground   beef/pork with gravy, rice, and creamed corn or cooked/soft carrots. Milk to   drink.

Spaghetti   with ground meat sauce, soft cooked vegetables with cheese sauce. Water to   drink.

Pancakes   or French toast with butter, syrup, or fruit sauce. Orange juice to drink.

Pasta   or potato salad, soup or stew, canned or soft fruit. Water to drink.

Omelet   made with cheese, spinach, or other cooked vegetables. Lemonade to drink.


   For more information on high calorie and protein liquids and many shake recipes, see     the UVA Digestive Health website under the patient education link: