Self Screening Tools

Personal Work-Life Assessment Wheel: Am I where I want to be in balancing my work and home life? Often we do not take the time to step back to look at where we are and how we are spending our time. The Personal Work Life Assessment Wheel designed by the Coaches Training Institute contains 9 areas that, together, represent one way of describing a whole life. This exercise measures your level of satisfaction and range of expression in these areas as a snapshot in time. As you work through this assessment you will find areas where you can acknowledge yourself for the success you have created and areas where you may want to improve your level of satisfaction. After taking the assessment, you may want to set up an appointment with our internal coach to discuss ways to increase balance in your life. Appointments can be made by calling (434) 243-2643.

Determine Your Stress Level: Geoffrey Wilcher has created a tool to help evaluate how stressful your life is.

How much is too much? Many people wonder if they or someone they love consumes too much alcohol. This quick survey helps answer the question.