Links and Resources

UVA Health System WorkLife has included these links to additional internet web sites for your reference. The following sites are listed as possible sources for additional information regarding work and life balance.


The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP)

WorkLife Related Research and Professional Organizations

  • Alliance for Work Life Progress: (AWLP) The Alliance for Work Life Progress is a membership organization for professionals who work in business, academia, or at a public sector to promote a healthier balance between work and personal life. Its efforts unite, support and provide strategic direction in the promotion of work/life balance through leadership, enhancing connections and providing access to cutting-edge resources and information.
  • American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation: (AAHEA) is the individual membership organization that promotes the changes higher education must make to ensure its effectiveness in a complex, interconnected world. The association equips individuals and institutions committed to such changes with the knowledge they need to bring those changes about.
  • The Boston College Center for Work and Family: (CWF) The Boston College Center for Work and Family is a research organization dedicated to increasing the quality of life of working families by promoting the responsiveness of workplaces and communities to their needs. The Center uses three core strategies to pursue its mission: research, workplace partnerships, and communication & information services.
  • College and University Personnel Association: (CUPA) Committed to promoting the effective management and development of human resources in higher education.
  • College and University Work/Family Association: (CUWFA) provides information on work/family issues within the specialized environment of higher education.
  • Sloan Work and Family Research Network of Boston College: This network was established specifically for work/family researchers, and was designed to facilitate access to information and literature on work/family issues.