Flexible Work

sum09_20.jpgThe concept of flexible work can mean different things to different employees, and at different times in the lifecycles of employees and their families. For example, an employee with a young, budding family may want part-time work, may be able to accomodate night shifts or weekend work more easily, and may also be very stressed when cold and flu season hits. Employees with school aged children have more need for predictable structure in their work schedule. Those 40 years old and older may be concerned about working more hours to pay off college loans or save for retirement while also keeping an eye towards their elderly parent needs. And, the single employee and others may want flexible work so he or she can explore a side business, hike the Appalachian Trail, or delve into the arts.

Whatever the reason, many employers are now finding that employee job satisfaction and commitment is highly related to an employee's perception of flexibility in work. The following weblinks are provided to offer further information about UVA Medical Center's flexible work options.


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