Breastfeeding Medicine Program      (434) 982-3316

The Breastfeeding Medicine Program at UVA Medical Center is available to provide support for the employees of UVA. This team consists of Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and Pediatricians that provide 7 day a week coverage. 

Our Lactation Consultants offer comprehensive care:

 In the Mom and Baby Unit after your baby is born

 In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Units

 Prenatal phone or office visits for guidance and special circumstances

 Postnatal visits / consults with a Lactation Consultant and Pediatrician as needed.  (Insurance companies will cover these visits with applicable co-pay at the time of the visit.)

 Our webpage,   has a list of resource and contact information for non-medical questions or concerns.

Breastfeeding supplies are available for purchase in the Hospital’s gift shop. Products offered include Medela “Pump in Style” electric pumps, storage bags and other accessories.

Our Breastfeeding Basics course is held on the 1st Thursday of every month, 630 - 830 pm. The class costs $15 and includes a web based book “Better Breastfeeding”. To register call 434.982.3678.

There is a Nursing mothers lounge on the ground floor of the Main Hospital in Room G441. It is open 24 hours a day, and has 2 pumping/ nursing stations. The room is accessed via ID Badge. To gain access, contact the UVA Breastfeeding Medicine Program with your UVA ID# . Call  982-3316. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be fulfilled.

Federal Law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)  offers protections for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace.

Employers are required to provide reasonable break time for an employee to pump for her nursing child for 1 year after the child’s birth.  Employers are also required to provide a place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public, which may be used by an employee to express breast milk.

For more information:

General Resources:

UVA Breastfeeding Medicine Program

U.S. Department of Health Breastfeeding Site

Breastfeeding Medicine Clinic: Mothers with breastfeeding questions or concerns can receive phone support or be seen by a Lactation consultant at our clinic. The visit is usually covered by an insurance co-pay.  Call 434.924.0000 and ask for the Breastfeeding Medicine Program.

General Breastfeeding Information and Support:


Local Resources:

La Leche League local chapter

This in an informal mom and baby breastfeeding support group.  Both pregnance and breastfeeding mothers are welcome to attend.  Leaders are also available by telephone to answer questions.  Call 434.214.0620.

Breastfeeding Supplies

As of 2013 the Affordable Health Care Act requires insurance companies to provide mothers with a breast pump if they choose to use one.  Talk to your health care provider or Lactation consultant about what kind of pump you need and call your insurance company to see what is covered.

Breast pumps are available at the following retail stores:

UVA Gift Shop



Babies R Us