Increasingly, professionals at all levels are partnering with coaches to achieve goals and build skills. Coaching is a professional partnership that supports an individual or team to achieve extraordinary results based upon goals they have set. Coaching provides motivation and energy for a client to see new possibilities. Coaching is action-oriented and forward moving, taking clients from where they are today and supporting them through the necessary steps to achieve their goals. FEAP offers the following coaching services to faculty and staff.

Executive Coaching is for administrators, managers, and faculty who want to:

  • Further develop their leadership and communication skills
  • Partner with an executive coach during or after a leadership course in order to enhance integration of new leadership skills
  • Address issues within a department or workgroup in order to achieve desired outcomes

Professional Coaching is for motivated individuals who want to:

  • Clarify and achieve desired results in their personal and/or professional life
  • Create greater balance in their life
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve communication
  • Make a positive change to enhance their life

Call (434) 243-2643 to set up a free initial consultation to see if coaching can help you reach your goals or email Mary Sherman at if you have questions about coaching.

UVA Resources:

  • Leadership Development Center: offers a referral service for executive coaching as well as programs and seminars throughout the year for leaders throughout the university.

National Resources: