Video Tutorials for iOS Devices

Want to watch these videos on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? We've created versions that will play on iOS devices and others which don't support flash.

File Basic Editing in Plone
This short demo shows how to create a web page in Plone - including page creation, adding photos and creating links.
File Creating and Managing Navigation Menus in Plone
A short overview of how to control how Plone creates your navigation menus, hides items you don't want shown, and how to organize their order and appearance
File Hiding Items in the Navigation Menu
By default, Plone includes all pages and folders in the navigation for your site. This tutorial shows how you hide items you don't want displayed in order to create a cleaner, more useful navigation menu.
File Publishing Your Content in Plone
Once you have created your content, its time to publish it so others can see it. This tutorial goes over how to publish your pages, as well as how to publish and unpublish multiple items at the same time.
File Setting the Default Page for a Folder
Want to display a specific page when a user opens a folder instead of just a directory of the items inside that folder? This tutorial show you how to set the default view of a folder to accomplish this.
Page Video Tutorials for iOS Devices
These videos are optimized for playback on iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad - as well as computers which have Quicktime installed on them.