How to add multiple files to your site (batch uploading)

The Web Development Center offers a free desktop application from Enfold that will save you time managing content that gives you Windows desktop access to any Plone site. Benefits to the Enfold Desktop client include

  • Save time uploading content by using drag-and-drop to move items–individually or in bulk–between your Windows desktop and Plone.
  • Use the Windows file manager to quickly move content within Plone and change name and title.

Install and Configure Enfold Desktop Client

1.  Download and install the Enfold Desktop Client (version 4.7 beta recommended). The self-installer will put the products in the correct places. 

Please note: Enfold Desktop will not work on Windows 7. It is recommended you use Windows XP. If you are using Windows 7, Windows 8 or Mac OS X, please contact Web Center support for assistance in using WebDav.

2. Start the program. Start > Programs > Enfold Desktop > Enfold Desktop

Quickstart 1

After you click on Enfold Desktop, Windows Explorer will open.

Quickstart 2

Above you can see that Enfold Desktop appears as if it were another drive under your computer. Inside is just a single directory Local and perhaps a demo server.

3. Add a Session. You won't be able to do anything until you add a session. Click on the Enfold Desktop icon and right-click.

Quickstart 3

4. Enter your site URL and a session name. Give the session a meaningful name (Ex: "HS Pub" or "HS School of Medicine") and the appropriate website url ( or

Quickstart 4

5. Authentication. Click on the bottom button for Credentials by HTTP Basic Authentication (leave Use Integrated Windows Security checked). Make sure "Use current Windows user" is selected - do NOT choose the option for "Specify Credentials." You should use you UVA ID and network password as your credentials (see below).

Quickstart 5

6. Now you have configured your session. You will see a new icon for your session on the right side, along with your session name.

Quickstart 7

7. Connect. Connect to your session by double-clicking the session icon. You can now navigate to your respective website folder from within the Windows Explorer window of the Enfold Desktop Client. Note: Depending on permissions for your account, you might not be able to see all the directories or files. That's not unusual.

8. Make sure you are using Details view in Windows Explorer. When you do this, you will see not only icons inside folders, but also columns listing the Local State, Workflow State and Lock Status.

9. Copy files from your local desktop to Plone. With a separate Windows Explorer window open, simply drag and drop your file into your department website folder where you want them.

A more detailed Quick Start tutorial can be found here (note: example configuration is different from above and more technical information is provided).

Installed help files

After you have installed the Enfold Desktop Client, you can access direct help documentation. From your Windows Start menu, go to All Programs > Enfold Desktop > Help or Help (PDF).

Online documents

Find installation instructions, frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips and version change notes in the Enfold Desktop online documentation.