Web Center Offers Online Help for Plone Users

Posted by MAC9EC at Feb 13, 2012 02:50 PM |

In addition to our twice-monthly Plone introduction classes, the web center offers a variety of online resources for people who want to learn more about Plone.

The WDC has a number of useful learning materials available on our internal website aimed at helping departmental web managers learn and expand their knowledge of the Plone Content Management System.

For users who do better with video training, we have a series of video tutorials on our site which will take you some of the basic issues we get frequent questions about.  These include everything from basic editing and creating menus to publishing and setting default pages on folders. Click here to see them yourself.

Our two minute how-tos section offers short directions on how to do commonly requested things in Plone.  Written step-by-step, they will help you get a handle on such things as improving URLs, creating slideshows, embedding flash or video, photo galleries, or even adding a blog to your site. Get your quick answers here.

For users interested in find out about some of the more advanced features available in Plone our training materials folder includes training manuals on Managing Your Enterprise Calendar in Plone, Using Dynamic Data to School of Medicine websites, an Advanced Guide to Creating Forms, and even lessons on how you can Optimize Your Search results in Plone.  Visit our training section to find out more.

Is there something else you would be interested in seeing added to our training section?  Drop an email to wdc-support@virginia.edu and we'll see what we can do to provide it.