WDC Blog Collection

Blog Entry Understanding Intranet Permissions and Content States
The Web Development Center made changes to make viewing intranet content easier. Authenticated users now have the ability to view Intranet content, but not have the ability to see "Private" content without having to set permissions in the "Sharing" tab.
Blog Entry Changes to training
Blog Entry Web Center Top 3 Projects
Key goals for the Web Center during 2012
Blog Entry Web Center Offers Online Help for Plone Users
In addition to our twice-monthly Plone introduction classes, the web center offers a variety of online resources for people who want to learn more about Plone.
Blog Entry Table Styles
Medical Center department websites can apply several types of styles to their tables resulting in a slightly different look. This post was written with the assumption content editors have a basic understanding of how to format content using one of the editors - TinyMCE or Kupu.
Blog Entry Add Pizazz to Your Medical Center website
Medical Center departmental websites have extra styling options available in Plone's content editors - TinyMCE or Kupu. Learn what these styles are and how to apply them. This post is written with the assumption content editors have a basic understanding of how to format content using the editors.
Blog Entry Creating a Photo Gallery In Minutes
Plone automates the process of creating photo galleries from your digital photos.
Blog Entry Five Steps to Basic Website Organization
One of the most common questions we hear from people starting out with a folder full of content and trying to turn it into a website is "I'm overwhelmed! Where do I start?"
Blog Entry Multiple Logins
My response to a question posed to employee council
Blog Entry Last Days of the Web Developer Toolkit
The end of a major effort for the WDC is on the horizon.
Blog Entry Make it snappy!
Some thoughts on response times
Blog Entry Medical Center Departmental Sites Design
Update on the Medical Center redesign project.
Blog Entry Human Resources Redesign
Status update on the HR site
Blog Entry New Design in the Works
The new theme is go!