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My response to a question posed to employee council

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Good morning,

Without knowing exactly what you are logging in to, Suzanne, it is difficult to directly address this specific multiple login situation. The Health System is a large organization, and different service providers maintain their own security, which is generally why users are presented with multiple logins.

For example, if you log in to Knowledgelink, you are asked to log in. As long as your browser stays open, you have access to all the Knowledgelink resources, without having to log in again. If you check your web email, however, which is managed by a different group, you will be prompted to log in again. Even though the username and password are the same, a separate system needs to authenticate you.

If you send me specific examples, I would be glad to address those in particular. Reducing logins by remembering credentials when appropriate is something my group is working on as a project for next year, but I can’t tell if this is relevant to what you experience.



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Please take a look at the question/statement below.  I’m thinking you could explain what type of semi-single login tech we have and are planning to put in place for our Intranet sites.

If I can be of assistance please let me know.


Greg Washburn



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Can you please answer for the Employee Council?




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You know I like to make you feel needed! I have another item for Employee Council.

I spoke with a friend who has worked several years in the electronic security business, in particular, computer security, about how many times we have to log in to get to a website or document. She said if the system has been setup appropriately/securely, it should not require multiple log-ins for the same intranet server. I think one of the reasons people don't read all the documents that come through is because you have to go through multiple windows to get to the end document, and are require to re-enter your username and password sometimes 3 times in the process! And these are often not pages with any secure information on them! My friend says it is just a matter of IT cleaning up the system. So I'd like to make a suggestion that our IT do that, so we only have multiple log-ins when required for patient information or private company business.