Patient Rights and Responsibilities


UVA Outpatient Surgery Center emphasizes that a patient’s rights and responsibilities include the following:

The right to:

  • considerate and respectful care.
  • receive from your physician current information, in language that you can understand, about your illness, treatment, and expected outcome.
  • refuse medical treatment, procedures, or other components of care and to be informed of the medical consequences of such a decision.
  • have all communications about your care treated as confidential.
  • know the identity of the physician responsible for coordinating your care and all other physicians and health care professionals involved in your care.
  • agree to refuse to participate in any clinical research study or experiment related to your care or treatment.
  • receive prompt and reasonable responses to your requests for service.
  • review your bill and discuss any questions you may have about it.

The responsibility to:

  • fully participate in decisions involving your own health care and to accept the consequences of these decisions if complications occur.
  • follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • communicate pertinent health care information.
  • seek clarification when you do not fully understand your health problems and the proposed plan of care.
  • respect the rights of others.
  • provide accurate information for insurance claims.
  • pay your bills

You are forbidden:

  • to engage in physical or verbal abuse
  • from using alcohol or illegal substances.
  • to carry weapons of any kind.