The Sleep Study

The first step is to meet with a doctor who specializes in sleep disorders. The doctor will ask questions about sleep and general health and perform a physical examination. If the doctor decides a sleep study is necessary, this will require one or more consecutive nights of sleeping in the laboratory.

The Sleep Lab consists of 8 private rooms each with its own bathroom. The rooms are monitored by closed circuit television and microphones to assure that all sleep related activity is seen and recorded for complete evaluation. Parents must stay with their children in the sleep room at night. The sleep study is painless. A specially trained technologist will apply sensors to the head, face, chest, abdomen and legs. State-of-the-art equipment will monitor brain waves, eye movements, breathing, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and muscle activity during sleep. These functions can be normal while the individual is awake, but abnormal during sleep. The referring physician will receive a complete sleep report which defines and diagnoses the sleep-rated problem and includes a recommended treatment plan.