Information About Sleep Studies

1. To schedule an appointment call 434-982-0407. The secretary will schedule an appointment for you with an physician specializing in the problem. The secretary may also schedule you for a sleep study.

2. At your appointment the doctor will ask you about your sleep problems, other medical conditions you have and about what medicines you are taking. Be sure to bring all your medicines with you. The doctor will perform a physical examination. The doctor will then explain to you what they think can be causing your sleep problem and what tests may be necessary to find the cause of your problem. If the doctor decides a sleep test is necessary, they will have you go over to the laboratory to see it and learn about some of the treatments that may be used.

3. When you go the sleep laboratory after your visit with the doctor during the day, the technologist will show you the laboratory and show you any tests or treatments your doctor wants to use. For example, if your doctor wants you to try nasal CPAP if you have sleep apnea, you will be able to try it out. We want you to be comfortable in the laboratory and to not be surprised by anything when you come in for your study.

4. Bring the following with you to the laboratory:

  • Your sleep attire, pajamas, nightgown, etc. (bring socks if your feet are likely to get cold)
  • Medicines you are taking (if you are a diabetic, bring your supplies -syringe,insulin, indicator, etc),
  • Toiletries, tooth brush, toothpaste, shaving supplies etc.
  • Optional
    • Reading material
    • Clothes for the next day
    • Your favorite pillow, stuffed companion, blanket etc. Please remember to take them with you in the morning.
    • Available in the sleep lab: towels, wash clothes, soap

5. After the test is completed, it will be analyzed by a sleep technician and then reviewed by your doctor. You will receive a letter or a phone call informing you of the results of the study and recommending treatment within two weeks of the test..