Setting a global standard for healthcare worker protection

Healthcare workers are a crucial resource in all countries. But in many places, they are at high risk of acquiring preventable, life-threatening occupational infections.

We believe healthcare workers everywhere should be provided with the basic protections that have been shown to prevent exposures and infections. We believe that these measures should be mandatory, and should be provided free of charge to workers:

When considering such measures, many ask: Can we afford to pay?

We believe the right question is:

Can we afford not to?


As of January 2013, this website is no longer being
actively updated. It will continue to be accessible
as a UVA site for its research and historical value.

The information and documents available on the site continue to be relevant for researchers in the area of sharps safety and protection of healthcare workers from bloodborne pathogen exposures.

EPINet data for 2010 and 2011
Consensus Statement and Call to Action on Sharps Safety released March 2012