Social Work

Social workers are concerned with the total well-being of individuals, understanding the interrelationship between their psychosocial circumstances and physical conditions. This can be directly related to the patient's involvement and participation in treatment. The End Stage Renal Disease Medicare Amendment requires that all chronic dialysis and transplant facilities have a qualified, masters degree level, social worker employed as a member of the health care team .

The social worker is the team member who has received specialized training in the area of assisting people to understand and deal with problems that are often too difficult to resolve by oneself. They have the knowledge, skills and expertise to work with patients and families as they deal with the stresses, concerns and problems that may occur as a result of long-term dialysis and/or kidney transplantion. The social worker may also offer resources and referrals to patients and their families.

Our social workers provide the following services:

  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Service coordination
  • Group work
  • Information and referrals
  • Counseling of patient and family/loved ones
  • Treatment planning and collaboration
  • Advocacy
  • Patient and family/loved ones education.