Our dietitians in Dialysis Services have vast knowledge and years of experience in renal nutrition. They provide nutritional counseling for the dialysis patients and chronic kidney disease patients. Nutrition counseling is focused on the guidelines of the National Renal Diet, a standardized teaching tool developed with the American Dietetic Association's Renal Practice Group in conjunction with the National Kidney Foundation's Council on Renal Nutrition. Diet teaching is individualized to meet each patients needs.

Dialysis patients have monthly laboratory reports that are monitored and reviewed with them and/or  their family. Dietitians are also members of the Interdisciplinary Monthly Rounding Team.


Front Row (left to right): Susan Doran, RD; Sara Mastrantonio, RD; Elaine McCall, MS, RD; Ann Allison, M.Ad, RD, CSR; Thessa Churillo, RD, CSR; Joann Drumheller, RD, CSR
Back Row (left to right): Melody Kienholz, RD; Lesley McPhatter, MS, RD, CSR; Carol Jones, RD; Theresa Zanetti, MS, RD; Christine Gries, MS, RD, CSR; Kristina Greenberg, MS, RD, CSR; Janice Callender, RD