Patient Interest Programs

12 Days of Exercise

The 12 Days of Exercise is a program that is run during December. Essentially, the patients are encouraged to exercise while on their dialysis treatments for 12 days in December (usually there are 13014 possible exercise days for patients that run 3 treatments per week). If the patients complete the program, they will receive a prize.

Multidisciplinary Program

This program is developed to encorporate all aspects of treatment and rehabilitation including social work, nutrition, exercise, nursing, etc. Essentially, goals from each discipline are given to the patients (for example, exercise twice this week, know what your Kt/V is and be able to explain it to a staff member, discuss one aspect of the Medicare D program (good luck!) to the social worker, have a goal phosphorus or calcium level for the month by the dietician. The patient with the most points wins the prize.

Staff-Patient Buddy Program

This program buddies up several patients with one staff member to encourage each other to exercise. A calendar month is given to each party and points are awarded for each exercise the “buddies” do during treatments and at home. The buddy team that has the most points at the end of the month gets a prize.

Bay/Pod Competitions

For units that have more than one bay or pod, each bay can compete with each other to see who exercises more times in a given time period (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year). The bay or pod that exercises the most during that time will receive the prize.

Who is your nextExercise Idol?

The "Exercise Idol" will find one patient each month that has become the idolfor everyone else in their unit. A list of patients with exercise orders will be put up on the bulletin board and will track how much exercise each patient does. Finalists will be those who exercised each day that month. The "Exercise Idol" will be the one who did the most exercise total combining leg weights, hand weights, and cycle time. Are you ready to be the next Idol?? More details to follow...

Gym Clothes Day

Staff will wear gym clothing in order to promte exercise with patients.