Certification Toolkit

At UVA, we encourage our nurses to pursue certification in their specialty.  Specialty certification ensures that we provide the safest possible care for our patients.  Certification is a requirement for Clinician 4 and Advanced Practice roles.


Funding Assistance for Certification is part of UVA Employee Benefits!

  • As of July 1, 2014, UVA Health System participates in the ANCC's Success Pays TM Program.  This program enables UVA Health System to pay certification exam fees at a discounted rate so that nurses do not have any out-of-pocket expense.  In order to be eligible for this program, the certification sought MUST be one of the specialty certifications offered through the ANCC (not Nurse Practitioner or Clinical Nurse Specialist Certifications).  See table below for specialty certifications offered through the ANCC.  If you are interested in obtaining your certification via the Success Pays program and have not previously signed up, please contact the PNSO Support Office @ 4-9357.
    Please note: Whether the fees are paid by UVA Health System or reimbursed to the employee, the maximum benefit per year for any individual is $325 per HR Policy 301.

    Please note: Those certifications in the table below with an "*" indicate that the exam has been retired.  Renewal is possible but new applications are not being accepted and so these are NOT eligible for pre-payment through the Success PaysTM program.



Ambulatory Care Nursing General Nursing Practice* Nurse Executive, Advanced
Cardiac Rehabilitation Nursing* Genetics Nursing Case Management
Cardiac-Vascular Nursing Genetics, Advanced Nursing Professional Development
Certified Vascular Nurse* Gerontological Nursing Pain Management Nursing
College Health Nursing* High-Risk Perinatal Nursing* Pediatric Nursing
Community Health Nursing* Home Health Nursing* Perinatal Nursing*
Diabetes Management - Advanced* Informatics Nursing Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing
Faith Community Nursing Medical-Surgical Nursing Public Health Nursing - Advanced
Forensic Nursing - Advanced Nurse Executive School Nursing*
  • Certifications not offered through ANCC, and re-certification expenses may still be eligible for reimbursement.  See  Applying for funding assistance for more information.
  • Nursing certifications eligible for funding assistance must be on this list of National Certifications recognized by the ANCC for reporting on the Magnet Demographic Data Collection Tool (DDCT)TM.  Certifications NOT reimbursed include:
  • Certifications required for NPs or CNSs
  • Certifications required by virtue of job or position

Tips for UVA Nurses on Becoming Certified


Celebrate National Certified Nurses Day!

  • March 19th is the national day for recognizing certified nurses annually.
  • The PNSO sponsors events during the entire week such as roving carts with information and treats. 
  • The PNSO also sponsors a Certification Rally.  The rally is held in two parts.  Part I recognizes  already certified nurses to come celebrate their achievement! Part II of the event targets nurses who express a desire to become certified.   
  • Local units are also encouraged to recognize the certified nurses on their team!
    - 2014 Shared Agenda Theme for local & central PNSO Committees in March is Certification!
    - 2014 Local Honor Roll of Certified Nurses!
  • Make sure we recognize your achievement!  keep your RN Professional Profile updated at least twice a year!