Magnet Excellence

In 2014, we continue on our Magnet misson, committed to the pursuit of excellent patient outcomes and a healthy nursing workplace. UVA Nurses...We Make the Difference!

About Our Magnet Documentation Effort

About Unit-based Magnet Champions

A Magnet Champions is a designated resource person who receives Magnet or PNSO affiliated information for staff education within their local practice area. They are engaged individuals who “champion” the ideals of Magnet recognition!

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About Magnet Steering Committee

The Magnet Steering Committee is a group of key interdisciplinary leaders at UVA guiding our journey toward continouous improvement, excellence in patient care and a healthy workplace. Together with the energy of unit-based Magnet Champions, they help UVA pursue these goals as defined by the ANCC's Magnet Recognition program honoring excellence in nursing services.

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