Clinical Practice Committee

The PNSO Bylaws describes Clinical Practice as one of the core missions of the PNSO, and convenes a standing committee of the PNSO to address this mission on an ongoing basis.

The Clinical Practice Committee, in turn, oversees several subcommittees which focus on specific aspects of nursing practice. Each of these bodies stays in close contact with both the Nursing Cabinet and practice areas' Local Practice Liaisons, assuring communication and shared decision-making on proposed improvements in patient care affecting nursing. The Clinical Practice Committee also works closely with liaisons to interdisciplinary practice committees.  The Chair represents Nursing on the hospital-wide Patient Care Committee.

Our point-of-care nurses observe changes that would help them care for patients better. We follow an evidence-based practice philosophy, and the autonomy of our shared governance model at UVA enables us to make changes to improve nursing practice across all areas.

  • Suggest a practice change.
  • Tools for Planning Practice Changes: In planning and implementing practice changes, please follow this step-by-step evidence-based framework, and use this template as a worksheet for researching evidence and coordinating education, implementation and metrics for the change (see an example of the completed template here).
  • Keep up with the latest evidence! To get started, consider working with the PNSO's Research Review/Recommendations Committee (chairs David Strider & Barb Trotter), or with Kelly Near, our nursing & patient liaison in the Health System Library. Through the Library, we have access to the Joanna Briggs Institute's nursing evidence database tools, as well as an online journal club that makes it easy to assess & share the latest literature.
  • Bring broad clinical issues and suggestions to the PNSO's central Clinical Practice Committee, (2014 chair Suzanne Fuhrmeister, MSN, ACNS-BC, RN-BC, APN1-CNS, Inpatient Heart)  and connect with subcommittees such as the Critical Care Procedure Committee.
  • Stay updated on key changes in UVA nursing clinical practice through our monthly PNSO  Practice News newsletter.
  • Share your research projects & EBP solutions at the annual PNSO Evidence-Based Practice Symposium, celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014!
The Clinical Practice Committee

Mission: To examine nursing practice issues, questions or discrepancies across practice areas by applying an evidence-based model in resolution; to identify the resources and mechanisms for the development and implementation of best practice; to evaluate nursing quality data in consideration of nursing practice issues that traverse practice areas.

2014 CPC Subcommittees & Chairs
  • Adult Acute Care Nursing Procedures (Ashley Viars)
  • Children's Hospital Nursing Practice & Procedures (Cheryl May)
  • Critical Care Nursing Procedures (Katelyn Overstreet)
  • Nursing Informatics & Documentation (Laurie Brock)
  • Procedural Area Practice & Procedures (Cynthia McCaskill)
The Research Review & Recommendation Committee

The R3 Committee is accountable to the Cabinet for implementing evidence-based practice by incorporating nursing research into daily interventions (2014 Chairs David Strider & Barb Trotter).   Membership will be considered based upon research application experience and education. Consistency of the group will be maintained over time to support growth in the development of research utilization skills. Per Bylaws, their mission includes:

  • Collaborate with PNSO Practice Committees to incorporate the Evidence-Based Practice template into decision making processes.
  • Foster understanding of Levels of Evidence.  
  • Support efforts to increase research utilization. 
  • Receive updates/reports from PNSO Nursing Research Mentor Program.
  • Contribute to Evidence-Based Practice Symposium planning.