PGY1-Pharmacy / PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration / MS

PGY1-Pharmacy / PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency / MS Program

Residency Purpose Statement

UVa Department of Pharmacy Services also offers a 2 year PGY1-Pharmacy/ PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency/ MS degree program.  Pharmacy graduates/ PGY1-pharmacy residency applicants who are interested in pursuing PGY2 residency training in Health System Pharmacy Administration are ideal candidates for this 2 year program.  During the first year of training, the resident is a member of the PGY1-Pharmacy Residency class and adheres to the same expectations of that residency program. During the second year, the resident completes the requirements of the PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency program.   Master's degree coursework are completed throughout the 2 years.


Recruiting for the 2014-2016 PGY1-Pharmacy/PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency

This program will be represented at the ASHP Personnel Placement Service (PPS) during Midyear this year.

Representatives from UVaHS will be available during the Residency Showcase on Monday, December 9, 2013 from 1:00-4:00 PM at Booth # 4335.  We look forward to meeting interested candidates in Orlando.


Program Description

Number of positions: 1
How to apply: Application Requirements
Program information: PGY1 Year  Overview
PGY2 Year  Overview and Expectations
PGY2 HSPA Schedule
Biographies: Current Residents
Past Residents
Program Director


PGY1-Program Director/Contact Person:
Michelle McCarthy, PharmD, FASHP 
(434) 924-2388  

PGY2-Program Director:
 Rafael Saenz, PharmD, MS
(434) 465-7091

University of Virginia Health System
Department of Pharmacy Services
P.O. Box 800674
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0674