PGY1-Pharmacy / PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration / MS


PGY1-Pharmacy / PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency / MS Program


Residency Purpose Statement

UVa Department of Pharmacy Services also offers a 2 year PGY1-Pharmacy/ PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency/ MS degree program.  Pharmacy graduates/ PGY1-pharmacy residency applicants who are interested in pursuing PGY2 residency training in Health System Pharmacy Administration are ideal candidates for this 2 year program.  During the first year of training, the resident is a member of the PGY1-Pharmacy Residency class and adheres to the same expectations of that residency program. During the second year, the resident completes the requirements of the PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency program.   Master's degree coursework are completed throughout the 2 years.


Recruiting for the 2015-2017 PGY1-Pharmacy/PGY2-Health System Pharmacy Administration Residency

Representatives from UVaHS will be available during the Residency Showcase on Tuesday, December 9, 2014 from 8:00-11:00 AM at Booth # 5804.  We look forward to meeting interested candidates in Anaheim.


Program Description

Number of positions: 1
How to apply: Application Requirements
Program information: PGY1 Year  Overview
PGY2 Year  Overview and Expectations
PGY2 HSPA Schedule
Biographies: Current Residents
Past Residents
Program Director


PGY1-Program Director/Contact Person:
Michelle McCarthy, PharmD, FASHP 
(434) 924-2388  

PGY2-Program Director:
 Rafael Saenz, PharmD, MS
(434) 465-7091

University of Virginia Health System
Department of Pharmacy Services
P.O. Box 800674
Charlottesville, VA 22908-0674