Pediatric Nutrition


The purpose of this website is the following:

  • To provide guidelines for the initiation of appropriate nutritional support for pediatric patients in the PICU in a timely manner.
  • To provide guidelines for the provision of an appropriate amount of nutrition given the patient's critical illness and underlying nutritional status aimed at minimizing the catabolic response and improving nutritional status, as appropriate to the patient's condition.
Nutrition support of the critically ill, post-trauma or post-operative patient continues to develop as a clinical science in light of advances in nutrition, pharmacology and technology. Given the wide diversity in pediatric critical care states, we are challenged to accurately assess the nutritional requirements of our patients and the best mode of nutrition support to optimize their recovery and their nutritional and medical outcomes.

Given the complexity of nutritional support in the critically ill child, this website has been organized according to the different categories based on the focus of the nutrition intervention.

For additional information and consultation requests, contact PICU Nutritionist Ana Abad-Jorge, MS, RD, CNSC at (434) 924-2348 or e-mail her at