PCEP Implementation


Perinatal Continuing Education Program (PCEP) Implementation:

There are many components of PCEP beyond the self-instructional books.  A PCEP Implementation Manual CD containing materials and directions for use of all the other components is available from the AAP Bookstore.

Utilizing the PCEP Implementation CD will allow any hospital, depending upon the hospital's interests, to implement the Initial Program Pathway or Continuation Program Pathway for outreach education and / or the Internal Use Pathway for use entirely within your own hospital.

Implementation Manual CD:

The CD contains downloadable forms (tests, surveys, inventories, etc.) and letters, with complete directions for their use.  Details of each PCEP implementation strategy is described in step-by-step chronological order, starting from the first contact to the final meeting and covering all program components that may be used in a given pathway, including:

  • Recommended implementation Timeline.
  • Program evaluation methods, materials, and past results.
  • Organization and operation of the Coordinators' Workshops for training participating hospital PCEP coordinators.
  • Practice Care Preferences Self-Survey and Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment Self-Inventory, with directions for distribution of the forms, tabulation, summarization, and feedback of results.
  • Organization and operation of the Resuscitation Workshop.
  • Use of the 100-item comprehensive test of cognitive knowledge for program (not individual) evaluation.
  • Recommended Routines Self-Survey of care practices, protocols, and policies, with directions for survey distribution, tabulation, summarization, and feedback of results.
  • Program cost and personnel time requirements.