Book III: Neonatal Care

Neonatal Care

Table of Contents:

Unit 1:          Oxygen

Skill Units:   Administering Oxygen

Measuring Oxygen Concentration

Mixing Oxygen and Compressed Air

Heating and Humidifying an Oxygen/Air Mixture

  Monitoring Oxygen

Peripheral Arterial Blood Gas Sampling

Pulse Oximetry (see Book I, Unit 4)

Unit 2:          Respiratory Distress

Part 1:    Respiratory Distress

Part 2:    Apnea

Part 3:    Pneumothorax

Skill Units:   Detecting a Pneumothorax


Chest X-ray Evaluation

 Treating a Pneumothorax

Needle Aspiration

Chest Tube Insertion

Unit 3:          Umbilical Catheters

Skill Unit:   Inserting and Managing Umbilical Catheters

Unit 4:          Low Blood Pressure

Skill Unit:   Measuring Blood Pressure

Unit 5:          Intravenous Therapy

Skill Unit:   Peripheral Intravenous Infusions

Unit 6:          Feeding

Part 1:   Feeding Principles

Part 2:   Tube Feeding

Skill Unit:   Nasogastric Tube Feedings

Unit 7:          Hyperbilirubinemia

Unit 8:          Infections

Unit 9:          Review: Is the Baby Sick?

Identifying and Caring for Sick and At-Risk Babies

Subsections:   Vital Signs and Observations

                       Tests and Results

Unit 10:        Preparation for Neonatal Transport

                     Subsection:   Caring for Parents of Transported Babies

Pretest Answer Key