BOOK II: Maternal and Fetal Care

Maternal and Fetal Care

Table of Contents:

Unit 1:          Hypertension in Pregnancy

Unit 2:          Obstetric Hemorrhage

Unit 3:          Perinatal Infections

Unit 4:          Various High-Risk Conditions

Unit 5:          Abnormal Glucose Tolerance

Unit 6:          Premature Rupture and/or Infection of the Amniotic Membranes

Skill Units:   Sterile Speculum Examination

                         Tests With Suspected or Proven Rupture of Membranes

Unit 7:          Preterm Labor

Unit 8:          Inducing and Augmenting Labor

Unit 9:          Abnormal Labor Progress and Difficult Deliveries

Unit 10:        Imminent Delivery and Preparation for Maternal/Fetal Transport

Pretest Answer Key