BOOK I: Maternal and Fetal Evaluation and Immediate Newborn Care

Maternal and Fetal Evaluation
and Immediate Newborn Care

Table of Contents:

Introduction: What You Need to Know

Unit 1: Is the Mother Sick?  Is the Fetus Sick?

Skill Unit: Determining Fetal Presentation With Leopold’s Maneuvers

Unit 2: Fetal Age, Growth, and Maturity

Unit 3: Fetal Well-being

Skill Unit: Electronic Fetal Monitoring

Unit 4: Is the Baby Sick?

Skill Units:  Electronic Cardiorespiratory Monitoring

       Pulse Oximetry

Unit 5: Resuscitating the Newborn

Skill Units:  Suctioning

      Management of Oxygen in the Delivery Setting

      Free-Flow Oxygen and Positive-Pressure Ventilation

      Endotracheal Intubation

      Chest Compressions

      Emergency Medications

      Apgar Score

Unit 6: Gestational Age and Size and Associated Risk Factors

Skill Unit: Estimating Gestational Age by Examination of a Newborn

Unit 7: Thermal Environment

Skill Units:  Radiant Warmers

      Incubators and Neutral Thermal Environment

Unit 8: Hypoglycemia

Skill Unit:  Blood Glucose Screening Tests

Pretest Answer Key