Perinatal Continuing Education Program

Improving Care for Pregnant Women and Newborns

PCEP books and implementation CD are available from the American Academy of Pediatrics bookstore.

PCEP is an educational program for physicians, nurses, nurse midwives and practitioners, respiratory therapists, and all others who care for pregnant women or newborn babies.  It has a more than 30-year history of providing practical, useful, cost-effective perinatal education to hospital-based care providers.

PCEP (pronounced either P-C-E-P or P-CEP) is a comprehensive educational program designed to be offered as outreach education by regional medical centers to participating hospitals in their geographic regions or network of affiliated hospitals. In addition, regional medical centers often use PCEP within their own institutions.

This is the website to use to learn about PCEP.  This website describes the program and its components, lists published implementation results, gives implementation timelines, and discusses domestic and international use.

Study of the PCEP books is just one component of the complete educational program.  With use of the PCEP Implementation Manual CD, any hospital can implement all components of the Perinatal Continuing Education Program, either for outreach education or for internal use.


  • Encourages multi-disciplinary, multi-specialty participation.

  • Includes self-instructional materials with broad perinatal content.

  • Helps hospitals self-determine patient care preferences and goals, perinatal care routines, and available neonatal resuscitation equipment.

  • Provides hospital risk-reduction tools.

  • Provides nursing skill competency evaluation tools.

  • Teaches both manual skills and cognitive knowledge.

  • Is economical of time and money for both participants and implementers.

  • Has continuing education credit available to all participants.


Program and book content have been revised many times over the years.  Frequent updating has been a hallmark of PCEP materials for decades.  Complete review and revision by a panel of obstetrical and neonatal nursing and physician experts is reflected in the 2012, 2nd edition of the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published books and the CD Implementation Manual.


PCEP has been extensively evaluated, both by the developers and by others.  Results are documented in numerous peer-reviewed publications.