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How can you use telemedicine?

Many physicians throughout the Commonwealth and at the UVA Health System utilize telemedicine to meet their patients’ needs.  To date, UVA physicians have conducted over 37,000 telemedicine patient encounters in more than 45 specialties and sub-specialties.  Depending on your needs, you can use telemedicine to see your patients for initial or follow-up visits in our consult rooms, or you can refer your patients to be seen by another UVA specialist utilizing telemedicine services.


UVA also offers video-conferencing capability for physicians to expand connections with community health centers, provide departmental grand rounds, engage in continuing education, and facilitate outreach.


If you would like more information regarding telemedicine, video-conferencing or an orientation to our capabilities, you can stop by our office on the back link of the University Hospital.  We are located between Primary Care Center and Higher Grounds Coffee, Room 1516.  If you are off-site and would like more information, please contact .  We look forward to collaborating with you.

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Clinical Specialties

UVA Telemedicine Clinical Specialties

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Referral Process


If you would like to refer your patient for an initial or follow-up specialty visit via telemedicine please fill out the Request for Consult form and fax it to 434-244-7521.  Depending on the specialty, the patient may need to have an initial visit with the specialist at UVA and then continue with follow-up appointments via Telemedicine.  Our staff will find a telemedicine equipped partner location for the patient and we will work with all parties to ensure a timely appointment and delivery of appropriate care.


If you have questions regarding the referral process, please call 434-924-5470.

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