Risk Reduction Programs & Classes

“Exercise on the Cheap”

An interactive, “How to”, introductory exercise class

This class, developed by the UVA-WorkMed Wellness team, will be taught by Ceci Rumsey, LPN, UVA-WorkMed.  This class will provide an economical approach and baseline instruction to begin an effective exercise program without the need for special equipment.   Participants will receive instruction and perform a basic exercise routine, including some strength exercises, and stretches to help "kick start" their exercise program.  It is recommended that participants bring a large towel, wear comfortable shoes and clothing, and be prepared to move!
Participants should consult with their physician prior to beginning any exercise program
If you are not currently exercising or have any chronic health issues, please consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.  Participants will be asked to sign a waiver/ release prior to class participation.


“How to Shed Your Belly”

A “How To” Interactive Health Class


This class, taught by a Registered Dietitian, will focus on improving your physique.  In recognition of National Nutrition Month, we will highlight filling-up, but not filling-out, with satisfying, healthy foods.  Together we will learn which eating and exercising choices help tame the mid-section. Free food samples and examples included!



A “How To”, Interactive Flexibility Class

Focusing on Injury Prevention and Improved Exercise Performance


This class, taught by an exercise physiologist, will introduce the general benefits of stretching and specific stretches for those undertaking a walking program.  Stretching, when performed appropriately, has been shown to prevent injuries, reduce pain, and improve fitness participation.   This class will offer a collection of stretches being taught and demonstrated.  Class participants will perform the stretches under the guidance of the instructor.  Participants will learn first-hand how to effectively and safely stretch.


Heart Healthy Lunch

A “How To” Interactive Nutrition Class

Focusing on Eating a Healthy Noontime Meal


This class, taught by a Registered Dietitian, will focus on lunch-time eating.   The class will highlight heart- healthy choices with taste-samples of delicious and easily-packable choices.  We will also bring menus from on-grounds eateries.  Together we will weigh the relative merits of various menu choices.

Bring an attitude of eating-adventure, and any questions you have about making the most of your noonday meal!


No Sweat


Presented by a registered dietitian and exercise specialist, this 6 week program focuses on improving strength, flexibility, weight and cardiovascular endurance, through regular  10 minute bursts of exercise and energy-fueling changes in eating.


Purpose:  More than half of all Americans do not get minimum amounts of exercise recommended for health, even when counting daily activities such as errands, yard work, etc.  Lack of exercise and poor eating habits are risk factors associated with higher medical claims and are contributing factors to the leading causes of disease and death (cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes). 

Outcome: This program emphasizes establishing short and frequent exercise bouts which can be performed without special equipment or change of clothes.  Along with simple eating changes these activities can improve fitness, and lower cholesterol, blood pressure and weight. 

Audience:  Class is geared toward beginning or lapsed exercisers who struggle to fit exercise into busy daily schedules.   It is also beneficial for those who would like to broaden their existing exercise program to include missing areas such as strength or flexibility.  Dietary and exercise changes can also help those who are overweight.


Change of Heart

Presented by a physician and registered dietitian, this comprehensive 6 week program focuses on reducing your employees’ risk of cardiovascular disease.

Purpose:   Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and the leading cause of illness.  It is the single most-costly category for health claims paid by employers.  This risk is modifiable by individual behavior choices including physical activity, eating, and physician follow-up, which can improve risk factors such as blood pressure, weight, and blood lipids.

Outcome:  This 6 week program covers such topics as cause and risk of heart disease, improving exercise and eating habits, medications and working with one’s physician and maintaining healthy habits.  It is designed to provide knowledge and practical tips to each participant and to enable them to set and act upon health-improving goals.

Audience:  This class is especially intended for employees with existing cardiovascular risk factors (including high blood pressure, poor blood lipids, overweight, diabetes, family history of heart disease).  It is also valuable for those with risk factors in family members.