Your Personal Wellness Profile (PWP)

The Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) is a unique, time condensed program designed to deliver an accurate health profile through evaluating medical history, physical measurement, and lifestyle choices.

The PWP questionnaire covers areas such as personal and family history of illness, medical conditions, lifestyle habits, general health status and emotional well-being.

Risk factor analysis of this data highlights areas for improvement, minor concerns or major problems.  This information helps the participant make informed decisions about health management.    

This information is confidential.  UVA-WorkMed provides experienced program coaches to guide participants through interpreting results. If results are questionable, the participant will be directed to follow-up with their Primary Care Physician.

The Personal Wellness Profile is easy and convenient. In general, it is completed in 15 to 20 minutes.   A hard copy report containing screening results is provided to participants. Feedback sessions provide participants the opportunity to ask questions and receive referral information. 

Prior to attending the Personal Wellness Profile, UVA-WorkMed recommends:

The questionnaire is distributed and completed. 

Day of the Screening:  Participants should arrive at their appointment with their questionnaire completed. 

The Personal Wellness Profile takes approximately 15-20 minutes and includes the following measurements:



Waist Measurement

Blood Draw OR Finger Stick

Blood Pressure

Feedback Session:

Individual Reports include the following: 
-Wellness Overview
-Coronary and Cancer Risk Review
-Safety Profile
-Health Age
-Medical Follow-up Recommendations
-Nutrition and Fitness Suggestions
-Stress and Substance Abuse  
-Health Improvement Opportunities 
-Lab Report
-Physician's Summary Report
-Blood Pressure guidelines
-Cholesterol guidelines
-Blood Sugar guidelines 
-Health Guide

 If you have any questions about screening results or other programs available through UVA-WorkMed, please call us at (434) 243-0075.