Hoo's Well

Health and Wellness offerings for UVA employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan.


Good Health Starts Here

UVA-WorkMed is pleased to partner with UVA Human Resources offering health and wellness programs to employees and spouses who are enrolled in the University of Virginia Health Plan. Hoo's Well is the University of Virginia's comprehensive wellness program. It is designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy by improving your general fitness and reducing your risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses. Take part in taking care of yourself. Participate in the classes offered through this program to help you lose weight, improve your diet and nutrition, manage stress, and enhance your general health. Below is a link to the UVA HR Hoo's Well website, brief descriptions of the programs offered through UVA-WorkMed, and offerings from Intramural-Recreational Sports and FEAP.



May 6th - May 22nd

Get Healthy Now provides the opportunity for employees to openly discuss barriers to healthy living and to identify solutions specific to the individuals in the group. Topics may include: Healthy Eating, Fitness for All and Work/Life Balance.

Benefits of Get Health Now include:

  • Gain motivation and support
  • Tap into the perspective of others
  • Build your confidence through connecting
  • Pick-up practical tools to make immediate lifestyle changes

Join us at one of the following groups for three weeks (six, 30-minute sessions) to become a part of our evolving culture of wellness. Sessions are each Tuesday and Thursday beginning May 6th through May 22nd.

25 participants per class, max. Each class is led by a UVA-WorkMed Health/Wellness Coach.


  • Newcomb Hall, Room 481, 10am - 10:30am
  • Facilities Bldg. Lunch Room - Alderman Rd., 11:30am - 12pm
  • UVA-WorkMed - 1910 Arlington Blvd., 4pm - 4:30pm
  • MR5, Room 2005, 5:30pm - 6pm


This program is sponsored by Hoo's Well and provided by UVA-WorkMed.

To register, click here.


HoosWellAtEatsWellHoo’s Well Eats Well2 locations, different days

Six weeks, once a week - this class provides 35 minutes of nutrition plus 20 minutes exercise! Put into action effective ways to improve health, fitness and weight. Reduce your risks for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and more. This class is taught by Jodi Harris, R.D.


Hoo's Well Eats Well spring classes are closed. If you have questions, please contact Jolene Bodily at 243-8216 or JHB2E@virginia.edu.







Steps@ UVA - is a 15-minute energy boost class that meets twice weekly for six weeks. No equipment is needed, other than a good pair of walking shoes. Weather will dictate an outdoor or indoor route that accommodates all levels to stretch your limbs, strengthen your heart and put a smile on your face. Led by Laurel Gerber or Novella Thompson

Registration for the spring session of Steps@ UVA is now closed. 

VIRTUAL Steps@ UVA - This class has no specific location or time. You participate by walking on your own each Tuesday and Thursday at a time that best fits your schedule. Participants will need to use a pedometer or an app for smart phones to keep track of your steps counts. Each week you provide the UVA-WorkMed team with your steps counts and we keep track of who's taking more steps...UVA or UVA Health System. Led by Novella Thompson.

Registration for the spring session of VIRTUAL Steps@ UVA is now closed. 



Steps count for VIRTUAL Steps@ UVA is AMAZING!

Week of April 7th

The ACADEMIC group took a total of 109,516 steps!

The HEALTH SYSTEM group took 136,578 steps!

Total steps taken in a week by UVA employees: 246,094 = 117 miles. INCREDIBLE!

You are setting and reaching health care goals UVA!


Health Education Series (Lunch & Learn) Single-session topics such as: Building Confidence, Exercise for the Real World, Health on the Road, Heart Healthy Cooking Demonstration, How to Shed a Belly, Manage Your Energy, Change of Heart--DASH to reduce heart health risks, Vim, Vigor & Vitality, and Discover the Mind-Body Connection to Good Health and Well-Being. These single session presentations can be tailored to fit the needs of a group. For more information, call UVA-WorkMed at 243-0077.

UVA HR Hoo's Well Website click here to connect to the Hoo's Well website.

Intramural-Recreational Sports – Let Intramural-Recreational Sports support a stronger healthier you by participating in a variety of offerings. Reach your goals with the help of fitness professionals and a social support system.

For more information on the Intramural-Recreational Sports Hoo's Well offerings, click here.

Faculty and Employee Assistance Program - FEAP offers a variety of programs that help employees jump-start healthy lifestyle changes, improve worklife balance, manage stress, and more. For more information on FEAP offerings, click here.

Hoo’s Well Biometric Screening – To know more about your state of health, it’s important to know your “numbers.” Why is this important? Your numbers can indicate whether or not you have a set of five risk factors that, in combination, can increase your risk for serious health problems such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. In the biometric screening, your height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol values, and blood glucose will be measured. Body mass index will be calculated. This is a 10-minute screening and a 10-minute coaching session which will fully explain your results, as well as the programs available for you. The screening results are provided to you on a simple form that you can share with your Primary Care Provider.

Important news! You may elect to use lab results from your annual physical instead of attending a biometric screening if your lab work took place during the current calendar year. Use the Physician’s Screening Form to submit your results. Complete instructions are on the form.

New Biometric Screening Option - My Chart! You may use lab results from 2013 that are in My Chart without needing a physician’s signature on the Physician Screening Form (click on the link above for form). Complete and sign the form in full. To do this you can a) go to "Test Results" under My Medical Record; open each relevant lab result and print OR b) go to "Download Summary" under My Medical Record; click on "View your Record" to see your entire MyChart Record. Print using the right mouse button. Attach only the Results section of the printout.

Be sure to add your own weight, height, blood pressure, and waist circumference to the Physician Screening Form.

What is MyChart? The UVA Health System offers access to an easy, secure, online resource for viewing your health information and communicating with your care team. If you receive care from UVA providers, you can request prescription renewals, view test results, and more through MyChart. Visit www.mychartuva.com to get started.