Protection of Privacy and Confidentiality:
Since you may not be able to always be with your infant while in the NICU we have developed the following guidelines to protect your family’s and baby’s privacy and uphold confidentiality. As your baby’s parents and/or guardians you will be given your baby’s UVA medical history number that you will use when calling and visiting. We also ask that parents and/or guardians carry some form of identification with them when visiting.

When to Visit: Parents may visits 24 hours a day. Visitation by other visitors with the parents is between 8 AM and 8 PM. When you are in the hospital preparing to visit, we ask that you call into the NICU. The telephone is located at the desk of the 7 East elevator reception area. You may also call from your hospital room in UVA. When your infant is admitted to the NICU we encourage you to visit as soon as possible. A,B,C and D Pods have 6-10 babies in each section. There is little privacy or space between each baby’s bedside. We normally limit two visitors at each bedside. However exceptions can be made. Noise and crowding in the NICU will determine when and how many people can visit at one time. We want to provide the best possible care and environment for the babies and families. A neighboring baby’s condition may also affect visitation of your baby. Talk to your baby’s nurse to decide the best time to visit your baby. A phone call to your baby’s nurse may prevent a lengthy wait upon arrival at the NICU. For privacy of other families when you visit, we ask that you stay at your baby’s bedside only.

Accessing the Hospital After Visiting Hours: During the day and in the evening until 9:00pm you may enter the hospital through the Lobby and obtain a visitation pass at the Information Desk. Between 9:00pm and 5:30 am you must enter the hospital through the Emergency Room entrance and obtain a visitor pass from the information desk there.

Infection Control Issues: When you enter the NICU you will be asked to wash your hands and forearms for 3 minutes and put on a cover gown. Your baby and all babies in the NICU need protection from all potential illnesses and infections. If any of your visitors are not feeling well or have been exposed to contagious illnesses we ask that you discuss this with your baby’s nurse before the visitor enters the hospital.

Other Children: If you have other children at home you may want to tell them why their new brother or sister can’t come home yet. We will try to help you find ways to help your other children understand. If your new baby has a brother or sister age 3 or older, they can come visit too. When these children come to visit, a parent and another adult need to visit together. An adult must always be with any visiting children. A brief health screening and temperature will be taken of visiting children before going to your baby’s bedside. If your child is ill or has been exposed to any illness (especially colds) please don’t bring them into the hospital. Ask about the Play Terrace on the 7th floor. This may help your baby’s brother or sister enjoy their visit more too! Rooming In and Lodging:

Where to stay:

There is a Ronald McDonald house that is available to families with children at UVA. There is also a list available with prices and phone numbers of other lodging options at the reception desk of the NICU. For more information on all of these options speak to a Nurse or the Social Worker.

There are two rooms available in the NICU for parents to spend the night during times when your infant’s condition is such that you do not feel comfortable leaving the hospital. These rooms are also available for parents who wish to bottle feed or breast-feed their baby around the clock. Since there are only two rooms we have lodging options available for longer visits.

Directions to UVA

Ronald McDonald House