Ronald McDonald House


300 9th St., SW
Charlottesville, VA
Call to make reservations: (804) 295-1885
Toll free 1-800-443-2292

Directions: Turn left out of hospital parking garage (Turn right out of main hospital lobby if walking). Bear to the right at first intersection. Turn left at first stop sign. Turn right at next stop sign. Go under railroad tracks. Take 1st left onto Grove St. Go to next stop sign – parking lot for RMH is across the street.


  • Before 6:00pm – ask at the information Desk in the main lobby.
  • After 6:00pm – ask security guard in the Emergency Room on the main floor.

Cost: $15.00 per night per family, or on a sliding scale. Also accept Virginia Medicaid. Each family has their own room and usually shares a bathroom with one other family. The kitchen, reading room, t.v. room, deck, play room and laundry facilities are common areas for everyone.

** Please arrive by 9:00pm to sign in and get the security code for the front door. After that you can come and go as you like.

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