Dear Parents of NICU Infants,

Having your infant in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit can be a very stressful time for you, and you may rest assured that the NICU staff considers your infant’s care as a number one priority. There are many people here to answer your questions and to help you to understand the issues as they arise. As one of those people, I would like to introduce myself to you now. My name is Kathy Hollar. I am the Utilization Management Coordinator for the NICU, and I can help you with insurance issues. For questions you may have regarding insurance and Medicaid, I am available to help guide you through the process. I can
make available to you the names of people who can assist you with insurance and Medicaid questions. Once you have signed a consent to release information, I will be in touch with your insurance company or Medicaid to insure that they approve and continue to approve the hospital stay while your infant is here. It is very important that you add your infant to your insurance policy at your earliest convenience, as most policies require that you add your infant within 30 days of birth. If you do not
have insurance, there are other sources available to assist you if you ualify. We have people here who can assist you with this, so if you are not certain of the process, please contact me. Because a NICU stay can be very expensive, an Admitting clerk may approach you to take a financial statement. Even if you have insurance, this may be helpful in case your policy has limitations that you are not aware of. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about insurance issues. You can either call me or have the nurse page me. I have voice mail on which you can leave a message, and I will contact you later.

Sincerely, Kathy Hollar Utilization Management Coordinator
Phone # (434) 924-5845


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