Research In Neonatology


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Fellows are encouraged to pursue research activities of their own choosing. Projects can be with mentors within or outside the Division of Neonatology. These can include basic science, clinical, quality improvement, and/or epidemiologic projects. Fellows have been very successful at presenting their research at regional and national levels and at generating at least one peer-reviewed publication of their scholarly project by the end of their fellowship. 

Current research activities of the neonatology division members include investigation of:

Basic Sciences:

  • Heart rate characteristics and sepsis
  • Nitrosylation, pH and chronic lung disease
  • Hypoxic-ischemic brain injury and seizures
  • Fungal resistance patterns

Clinical Studies:

  • Heart rate characteristics and infection
  • Apnea and dysregulated breathing
  • Cardiorespiratory predictive monitoring
  • Prevention of bacterial and fungal infections
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