Breast Care Services

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For women who find a lump during breast self examination, or experience breast pain, discharge, questionable infection, skin change, injury, or other problem, a system is in place to facilitate prompt medical evaluation. A nurse - physician triage team is available to respond to calls of this nature quickly. For women who are already receiving care at the University of Virginia Health System, the call will be transferred to their usual provider.

If the woman is uncertain of her physician or service needs, a member of the Breast Services Team is available between 7 am - 6 pm Monday - Friday. The Breast Care Services Team provides an organized approach to ensuring patient satisfaction with easy access, timely appointments, and consistent standards of care, delivered with comfort, warmth, and compassion by dedicated health care professionals. To access the Breast Care Services at the University of Virginia, call (434) 924-5813.

The Breast Surgical Service is involved with the Cancer Center and Breast Service Group in the rapid and comprehensive management of patients with breast problems. For more information, please see their website.VENUSbw.jpg (37542 bytes)

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