Benign Breast Disease Program

Richard J. Santen, MD -- Director

One in nine women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. And while breast cancer is the leading cause of death among women ages 34-50, most breast problems are benign, especially in younger women.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our Benign Breast Disease Program offers an integrated approach to the evaluation and treatment of women with benign breast disease, such as breast nodules, fibrocystic breast disease and cyclical or constant breast pain. Care is coordinated utilizing specialists within the Women's Place-Midlife Health, the Cancer Center and the UVa Health System.

Techniques and Treatment

Benign breast treatment may involve mammography, ultrasound, a stereotactic or ultrasound guided core biopsy, breast MRI, and cyst aspiration with ultrasound guidance.

Initial therapy for symptomatic breast abnormalities is often as simple as avoidance of caffeine, use of Vitamin E, mild analgesics, premenstrual diuretics and reassurance. For more severe and persistent pain, endocrine-based therapies are used.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Santen's office at  (434) 924-2207. Or call toll-free 1-800-251-3627.

The Breast Surgical Service is involved with the Cancer Center and Breast Service Group in the rapid and comprehensive management of patients with breast problems. For more information, please see their website.

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