Davis Laboratory

DIRECTOR:                            Lawrence M. Silverman, PhD

CLINICAL CONSULTANTS:       Donald J. Innes, Jr., M.D.

                                            Nadine Aguilera, M.D.

                                            Adam N. Goldfarb, M.D.

                                            Doris Haverstick, Ph.D.

MANAGER:                             Walter M. Oliveira, M.T. (ASCP) SI

TELEPHONE:                           924-5179

FAX:                                      982-0864

HOURS:                                 0730-1700 -- Monday-Friday

AFTER HOURS:                       All requests for STAT, evening, night and weekend testing must be made through the Clinical Pathology Resident on call (PIC1383).

LOCATION:                            The second floor of the Davis Wing in Hospital West. The terminus of the 2nd floor of the link in Hospital West is at the laboratory.



Technical assistance available by phone or pager (1401).  The Davis Laboratory performs the following testing:

Flow Cytometry:   Leukemia / lymphoma analysis on a variety of specimen types. Consult required with a brief history.  Specific CD markers are selected upon review of the morphology and history with the pathology resident. Clinical interpretation (part B consult) included. Infectious disease analysis for H:S ratio and absolute CD 4 count.  Stem cell analysis (CD 34) for bone marrow transplant. Select enzyme studies (PNH, CGD).

Serology: IgG and IgM antibody analysis to a variety of infectious agents.  Reactive syphilis screens are reported to the Health Department.

Arthritis: Auto-antibody screens performed for both nuclear (ANA) and cytoplasmic antibodies.  Positive screens are titered and patterns reported.  Cryoglobulins should be collected, kept warm (37°C) and sent to the laboratory as soon as possible.

Allergy:  Allery testing for IgE specific antibodies to food, tree, mold, grass, weed, pollen, animal, drug and insect venom.

Endocrinology: Chemiluminescence and radioimmunoassay (RIA) analysis for selected hormones and proteins.

Specials: Prenatal and Quad testing program, working with the OB department and genetic counselors.