Clinical Core Laboratory

Director & Clinical Consultant:             James C. Boyd, M.D.

Associate Director Hematology:           Nadine Aguilera, M.D.

Associate Directors Chemistry:            David E. Bruns, M.D.

                                                        Dede Haverstick, Ph.D.

Associate Director Hemostasis:           Gail Macik, M.D.

Manager:                                          Dawn T. Burris, MT(ASCP)

Telephone Numbers:                        Core Laboratory             924-5227  24 hours/day

                                                      Special Coagulation        924-8007 (M-F 0730-1530)

Location:                                         UVa Clinical Laboratory Building, 112 11th Street SW

Hours:                                            Core Laboratory, open 24 hours/day

                                                      Special Coagulation, open 0730-1530, M-F

Laboratory Medicine Resident:            0800-1700 Weekdays

                                                             Chemistry              PIC 1267

                                                             Hematology           PIC 1386

                                                             1700-0800 M - F & Weekends:   PIC 1383


The Clinical Core Laboratory is a fully automated facility which operates 24 hours a day to provide routine and stat testing for clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, hematology, and hemostasis analysis. This consolidated laboratory is located adjacent to the Specimen Management Support area, thus is able to provide efficient clinical laboratory analyses to both the inpatient and outpatient services.