Requesting Laboratory Services


All requests for inpatient Clinical Pathology Laboratory testing must be requested in Epic using applicable laboratory pathways.  The properly labeled specimen and Epic generated transmittal sheet should be sent to the laboratory receiving area (Tube station 711).

In the event of Epicdowntime, requests should be submitted on Epic Downtime forms.  Forms are available through Standard Register. These requests must be legible with the patient's full name, history number, date and time the specimen was collected, the requesting doctor's name (last, first) or PIC #, and the test(s) desired.  This downtime form and the properly labeled specimen should be tubed to the laboratory receiving area.  The Medical Laboratories request that ordering be kept to a minimum during Epic downtimes.

2. OUTPATIENTS (UVA Laboratory Forms or CareCast)

Outpatients of the UVA Health System must be registered and assigned an episodic account number for the same day of service that laboratory testing is requested. Patients or patient's specimens which are not registered at a clinic site or who are referred by physicians from outside of the UVA Health System and who have not been registered into the UVA Registration System, must be submitted with appropriate patient registration and insurance billing information.


Outpatient lab orders may be placed one of two ways. Clinics that have CareCast available should place orders through this system. For clinics that do not have CareCast yet the outpatient laboratory test request forms are available through UVA Printing and Copying Services. There is no charge for obtaining these forms. The Clinical Pathology Laboratory Request Form (Bin #33215) should be used for ordering most clinical laboratory tests. Other approved UVA lab forms are:  AFP Pregnancy Form (Bin #33386), Microbiology Request Form (Bin #33211), Clinical Laboratory Consult Form (Bin #33511), Laboratory Test Request Form for Grants (Bin #33517) Surgical Pathology Request Form (Bin #33008), Cytopathology Request Form (Bin #33095), Cytogentic Studies, please call 924-5184.