Laboratory Reports


INPATIENTS:  The Clinical Pathology Laboratories do not phone Routine or STAT lab results on Hospital Inpatients. Clinical laboratory results for Hospital inpatients are available to authorized personnel in Epic as soon as the results are released. Results for STATs can be set to print on Epic printers as soon as results are released. The Laboratories are, however, responsible for calling all critical laboratory values (see page 15 for Critical Value Reporting Policy).

OUTPATIENTS:  The Clinical Pathology Laboratories will only call STAT results to outpatient clinics/practices or physicians who have documented this request on the Pathology Laboratory Request Form. The Laboratories are responsible for calling all critical laboratory values.

Laboratory personnel (924-5227) are available 24 hours a day to give out verified results for all Medical Laboratory testing to ordering physicians or authorized health care professionals.


Hard copies of UVA Medical Laboratories reports are available as follows:

Inpatients: Lab Results are available in Epic after the result is released. Multiple Lab print outs, as well as screen printouts, are available on demand from Epic.  Lab generated reports can be obtained on request.

Discharged Inpatients: Reports for tests that were incomplete at the time of discharge are printed and distributed to the Attending Physician. A report is also sent to Medical Records.

Outpatients: Lab results are available in Epic after the result is released. Outpatient reports are generated daily.

Anatomic Pathology reports: In general, Anatomic Pathology reports are automatically faxed to each clinician listed on the final report once the case has been formally signed out. A small number of reports are faxed by location.

Please call 924-5169 for problems or questions about computer generated reports from the Medical Laboratories.  Callers may leave messages at 924-5170 to request copies of laboratory reports. Requests for previous laboratory information should first be directed to UVA Medical Records.

Laboratory users outside UVA should contact the laboratory directly at 924-5169 or leave message at 924-5170.

NOTE:Reports for laboratories that are not on the Medical Laboratories computer system can be obtained directly from those laboratories. Chart reports are distributed by the individual laboratory.