Laboratory/Hospital Information Systems


The UVA Medical Laboratories utilize two Laboratory Information Systems (LIS); the Clinical Pathology Laboratory information system MISYS and the Anatomic Pathology information system (COPATH).  All of the UVA Laboratories utilize one of these LIS. The MISYS system is interfaced to the Hospital Information System, EpicCare, thus is able to receive inpatient laboratory test orders placed in EpicCare, and send test results back through the interface for availability in EpicCare.  Physicians are required to order all inpatient clinical laboratory tests through EpicCare.  The Anatomic Pathology information system (COPATH) is currently not interfaced to EpicCare and requires manual order/entry at the present time.

Scheduled Downtime

Downtime may be scheduled for short periods of time on either of the laboratory information systems (LIS) or the hospital information system (EpicCare) to perform routine preventive maintenance, system updates/changes, and nightly back-up or purging. Preventative maintenance and system updates are announced in advance and usually require less than 2 hours. All lab results will be entered into the computer as soon as the system is operational.

Unscheduled Downtime

Downtime may occur inadvertently due to equipment malfunction. Generally these downtimes are not long in duration; however, downtime could last for several hours.  In the event of an unknown or long-term downtime, a manual back-up system will go into effect.


For EpicCare down times, refer to the EpicCare Inpatient Downtime Plan.

LIS Unscheduled Downtime

1. In the event that the LIS experiences an extended downtime, the Laboratory Information System liaison will notify the EpicCare liaison, the Medical Laboratories, and the Chief Laboratory Medicine Resident.  The Chief Laboratory Medicine Resident will notify designated Medical Chief Residents of clinical services.

2. Results of laboratory tests performed prior to the LIS downtime are available in EpicCare.

3. All STAT and critical values will be called directly to patient floors by the laboratory performing the test.  Routine test results will be available in the laboratory by telephone request.  In the event that the downtime is extended to an indefinite time, the Director of Laboratory Computing will determine whether a manual temporary patient report will be generated and delivered to the requesting location.

4. Physician requests for additional tests to be added on to a specimen that has already been received in Customer Services or an individual laboratory will be recorded; however the determination as to whether a laboratory test can be added on to an original sample (i.e. adequate sample volume or sample integrity) will not be made until the LIS becomes available and all laboratory specimens have been back entered.  The physician will be notified of those add on test requests that cannot be honored.  During extended down times of the LIS, requests for tests to be added on may not be honored.

All patient laboratory requests and results that were handled manually will be entered into the LIS and EpicCare as soon as they become available.