Laboratories Vision, Mission and Goals


The Medical Laboratories of the University of Virginia Medical Center will be the best diagnostic facilities in Central Virginia and provide the most modern, cost-efficient, and competitively priced laboratory tests to the inpatients of the University Hospital and its affiliated institutions, to outpatients within and outside of the University, and to contracting organizations.


The technical leadership, consisting of laboratory managers and supervisors will contribute to education and strategic planning in conjunction with the faculty of the Department of Pathology who serve as Directors of the Laboratories. Each technical employee of the Medical Laboratories is expected:

  • To participate in planning and management to assure quality of test results,
  • To increase productivity and reduce waste by optimal utilization of technology and manpower,
  • To assure communication within and outside of the organization,
  • To maintain competence and to further professional development, and
  • To support the mission and values of the University of Virginia Health System.



The goal of the Medical Laboratories is to provide superior services while maintaining employee satisfaction and financial soundness.  These services will meet the needs of the patients and physicians who use the Laboratories.  Excellence in customer service will give the Laboratories a competitive edge over other regional and national laboratories.