Grant and Wholesale Account Services

The UVA Medical Laboratories offer comprehensive resources, analytical services, and specialized testing programs to meet the needs of clinicians and clinical investigators. Anyone requiring specialized laboratory services should first consult with the office of Medical Laboratories Administration. The following provides general information for these accounts:

1. Grant and Wholesale Account Billing

Grant and wholesale accounts are billed monthly by an itemized invoice which includes date of service, patient name, tests performed, CPT code(s) and fee. In order to have your account billed, a billing account code must first be obtained by contacting:

Medical Laboratories Administration

UVA Health System, Box 800168

Charlottesville, VA  22908

This account code must be referenced on all submitted laboratory request forms.  UVA Hospital Patient Financial Services performs billing services for both grant and referral accounts.

2. Test Request Forms and Supplies.

Specialized test request forms are available for both grant and referral accounts. In addition, specimen collection and shipping supplies are provided upon request.

3. Report:  See Printed Reports "Outpatients."

For Insurance Billing Questions, call (434) 243-9219

UVA Hospital will bill Medicare, Medicaid, and insurance carriers directly for laboratory services if all the appropriate information is provided, except in cases where the patient is in a skilled nursing facility. As of July 1, 1998, HCFA mandated that laboratory services be billed directly to the skilled nursing facility, and it will be their responsibility to bill Medicare.  To expedite insurance billing, all patient and insurance (primary and secondary) information must be completed on the top section of the Medical Laboratory Test Request Form. Diagnosis code(s) (ICD-9) must be provided for each laboratory test requested.

NOTE:  For Medicare Billing- HCFA requires that it is the responsibility of the Physician to inform patients that specific laboratory tests may not be covered by Medicare for the specific diagnosis of the patient. The UVA Medical Laboratories provide to Physicians an Advance Beneficiary Notice that the patient must sign (when appropriate) to indicate that they have been informed of their financial responsibility for these designated tests. The Advance Beneficiary Notice is printed on the back side of the laboratory test request form and should be completed and returned along with the specimen and request form.