Expected Turnaround Times

Core Laboratory

Routine Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, and Urinalysis/Body Fluid samples have a 4 hour TAT from specimen receipt.  Special Coagulation studies have a TAT up to 72 hours from specimen receipt.

The following are considered Critical Tests when ordered STAT for Inpatients and Emergency Department patients. Finding are posted in the electronic medical record within 60 minutes after receipt in the lab:

  • CHEMISTRY: basic metabolic, chemistry panel, troponin I, arterial/venous whole blood pH, potassium
  • HEMATOLOGY AND COAGULATION: CBC & platelets, prothrombin time, partial thromboplastin time (PTT), ***Differentials are not STAT procedures***
  • MICROSCOPY: CSF cell count


For bacteriology, gram stains, when appropriate, are resulted within 2 hours of receipt.  Culture results are read and reported as pending every day via computer.  Results are finalized within 2 - 7 days depending on growth and organism isolated.

For AFB cultures, smear results are available within 24 hours, final negative results are available in 8 weeks, and positive results are reported as soon as identification is made.

For virology cultures, final negative results are available in 3 weeks with positive results called as soon as identified.

For mycology, smear results are available within 2 hours of receipt; final negative results are available in 4 weeks with positive results called as soon as identified.

Molecular Diagnostics

Infectious disease tests have a one week TAT.  See frequency of testing in laboratory test directory.

Molecular oncology tests have a 2 week TAT.

Molecular genetics tests have a 4 week TAT.

Immunology, Special Chemistry, Toxicology, and Transfusion Medicine

Turn around times are listed in the laboratory test directory section.  Please note frequency of testing.



Amniotic Fluids - 14 days

Chorionic villus sampling - 14 days

Blood - 28 days

STAT Blood - 7 days

Bone marrow/unstimulated blood -14 days

Fibroblast - 42 days

FISH - 14 - 45 days

Surgical Pathology

Results from the typical single frozen section are available in 20 minutes of receipt.


Non-gynecologic Cytology specimens (except fine needle aspirations) have an anticipated completion time of two working days from receipt.

Preliminary results on fine needle aspiration specimens are available within one hour of receipt in the laboratory.

Referral Testing

Referral tests are shipped to outside laboratories once per day, Monday through Friday.  Tests referred to outside laboratories have varying turn around times that are established by the referral laboratory.  Because most of these tests are esoteric and have complex testing methodologies, turn-around times can vary greatly from test to test.  Some genetics tests can take months, while more common immunology tests may only take 3-5 days.  Please refer to the referral laboratory's handbook or website for more information.