Confirmation Test Requests

If a laboratory result is not consistent with a patient's clinical condition, the physician may request confirmation of the result. Prior to a confirmation request, it is suggested that the following factors be considered: sample collection technique, physiological variations, drug effects, diet, etc. If confirmation of the original laboratory result is still indicated, the physician should contact the specific laboratory, which performed the test or call Customer Service (924-5227) to be directed to the specific laboratory.

The Laboratory will first confirm the original result to rule out transcription error, and will perform a repeat determination on the original sample (if available and quality of specimen has not been compromised). If a repeat sample determination is indicated, the Laboratory will notify the physician to obtain a new sample from the patient, which should be submitted with a laboratory test request form indicating "Confirmation Testing". The "confirmation" request form should include information indicating the original sample test, date, and collection time, and the name of the laboratory technologist who made the contact. In most cases, confirmation testing will be performed at no charge.